Credit Guide

This Credit Guide is given by Mango Mortgages Pty Limited ACN 142 373 340 Australian Credit Licence 422165 (Us, We and Our) in relation to credit contracts entered into by Us. This Credit Guide does not apply to any credit contract entered into by Mango Capital Pty Ltd ACN 159 668 229 or Mango Credit Pty Ltd ACN 156 372 440.

This credit guide gives You information about Us, and Our responsible lending obligations.

This credit guide is a requirement under the National Credit Code, and is provided to You to help You understand the responsible lending obligations under the National Credit Code We owe to You in assessing the suitability of the Credit Contract.


We are prohibited and will not enter into a contract for the provision of credit if Our reasonable inquiries reveal that the credit contract is unsuitable for You. An unsuitable contract is one which:

  1. You are unable to comply with Your financial obligations under that contract; or
  2. complying with Your financial obligations under that contract will cause You to suffer substantial hardship; or
  3. the contract does not meet your requirements and objectives.

In assessing whether a credit contract is unsuitable for You, We must make reasonable inquiries about Your financial circumstances, requirements and objectives. We must also take reasonable steps to verify Your financial circumstances. Before entering into a credit contract with You, We must make this assessment, and determine that the credit contract is not unsuitable for You. You are entitled to a copy of this assessment, and if You ask for a copy of this assessment, We must give You a copy before entering into the credit contract with You.


If You are unhappy with any aspect of the credit contract or Our service, or a dispute has arisen between You and Us in relation to the credit contract, We will attempt to address any such complaints You have in the following manner:

Step 1: Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR)

Please forward Your complaint to:

Mango Mortgages Complaints Officer

Phone: (02) 9555 7073
Fax: (02) 9555 6766

Post: Level 1/53 Walker Street
North Sydney NSW 2059

Our IDR team will attempt to resolve Your complaint within 60 days of receiving Your complaint, and will provide You with a copy of Our determination. Our IDR team may contact You in this period to obtain further information or clarification on You complaint. We will not charge You for attempting to resolve Your complaint.

If We are unable to resolve Your complaint, or You are not satisfied with Our determination, You should proceed to step 2: External Dispute Resolution.

Step 2: External Dispute Resolution (EDR)

Please forward Your complaint to:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

Phone: 1800 931 678
Fax: (03) 9613 6399

Post: GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001

Lodging a complaint with AFCA is free of charge to You. AFCA is an impartial and independent EDR scheme approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to resolve complaints and disputes concerning credit contracts.

We have no control over AFCA, but We can however make submissions to AFCA which We believe are relevant to the complaint or dispute.